Like My New Profile Pic? (It Took Me Ages)

2008-08-28 15:33:05 by DOOKIE119

This one:

Like My New Profile Pic? (It Took Me Ages)


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2008-08-28 17:12:37

It looks awesome =D

DOOKIE119 responds:



2008-08-31 07:14:24

Even if you didn't say anything I would still say it is shit.

I mean look at it and tell me you've made a piece of art worthy of being compared to artworks by Van Gogh or Da Vinci?

DOOKIE119 responds:

1. This is a different style to Van Gogh and Da Vinci. Im not even trying to replicate their work! U r extremly dumb, if you think im trying to make classical art asshole.
2. You try do better. Go on! Make a piece of art like this. And post it on your page. Then we can see whos is better. Asshole.


2008-09-01 01:51:55

Critic / artist


2008-09-03 13:58:34

It's decent.

DOOKIE119 responds:



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